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Our Program

PILATES PRINCIPLES® By Junghee Won is a 600-hour apprenticeship comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program.

This program will help you to be a classically trained Pilates teacher for teaching your students and clients as your desired career.

The program requires Pre-requisite, The System Workshop,
600-hour apprenticeship and three test outs.


Before entering The PILATES PRINCIPLES® by Junghee Won Teacher Training Program, you must take 40
Private Lessons and 20 Duet or MAT Group Classes.

One Private Lesson Rate  $100.00
One Duet Lesson Rate  $80.00
One MAT Group Class  $30.00


The discount of Lesson Packages is available. For more detail information, please contact

The System Workshop


  • The Beginner System 6 hours per day For 3 Days

  • The Intermediate System 6 hours per day For 4 Days

  • Advanced System 6 hours per day For 3 Days


Each workshop will be held monthly for weekends, total three system workshops as The Beginner
System, The Intermediate System and The Advanced System

The 600-hour Apprenticeship
After the Beginner System Workshop, you can start to collect apprenticeship hours.

What do I do for apprenticeship hours at the studio?

  • Observation of Teachers Teaching and Assisting Teachers

  • Teaching Practice

  • Self-Practice for workouts

  • Weekly Apprentice Meeting

  • Taking Lessons

Test Outs

  • The Beginner System

      Practical Test in Teaching 

  • The Intermediate System

      Practical Test in Teaching and Written Test 

  • The Advanced System

      Practical Test in Teaching, Written Test, Oral Test (Q & A) and Demonstration for Workouts



PILATES PRINCIPLES® offers Bridges. You must have teacher training experience with over 400 hour
comprehensive program. For additional information, please contact at 




If you are interested in hosting our program, please contact at WON.JUNGHEE@GMAIL.COM.




Currently SHUV PILATES is an affiliate center of PILATES PRINCIPLES® by JW Teacher Training Program in
Seoul Korea. Click the link for additional information of our program in South Korea.


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